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When the core of your business is aging you don’t just improve, you re-imagine, you dream. We believe true innovation starts with creative self-reflection, authenticity, and a burning desire to identify and solve problems others consider unsolvable.

Innovation and business have been in an everlasting conflict. We believe the two need to merge to deliver superior results. We drive this fusion, and we believe there is only one Innovation, the one you have not yet dreamt of. By applying our proven methods, we alter the character of your enterprise at its core functions to make your evolution extraordinary, authentic, and lasting.​

“If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really is true, then there would be little hope for advance…” - Orville Wright


‘Business as usual’ is no longer an option. While small and moderate changes may maintain the company’s present status, only radical moves will guarantee growth and competitive advantage. Innovation is the key, and it needs to be treated differently than everyday’s business. Strategic planning needs strategic innovation.


Human centricity. To be truly innovative, you need to discover what matters to your customers through empathy - ​ explore the unknown, understand others, see what they see, feel what they feel, find the essence of the problem, connect the dots ...Throw away all assumptions, break down barriers! The same principle must apply to your employees. They are the connection to your customers.


In most cases only Design Thinking and Creativity will yield nonlinear direction that changes the entire business. Once you start, you will observe the dramatic benefits of combining the predictive methods with agile and adaptive practices of Design Thinking and Creativity. Until the latter are applied, the traditional approach will guarantee only marginal results.


Everyone is creative, period. The potential to explore unimaginable possibilities and create

revolutionary ideas is open to all daring to change. Why not you?

Any team, company, organization, can address simple to complex issues by bringing multiple disciplines together. Everyone has different insights; together we make a difference.

Stray from the "I can tackle this one type of problem" attitude and practice the "If I see any problem, I can fix it" attitude.

Our team is a melting pot. Everyone has different insights, together we make a difference. Some of us have years of experience working in and analyzing product development in a corporate setting, others are engineers, entrepreneurs, educators, and researchers.


Creativity fuels change, and innovation is all about change. How do we change? Where do ideas come from? And how do we make an idea a reality? Far from being a eureka moment, we show you, through series of practical techniques, how to stimulate your brain and revolutionize your thinking. Our creativity framework training is based on a simple concept: finding new and better solutions to a problem requires stepping away from that problem. The goal is to resist your brain’s natural inclination to see the problem through the lens of the familiar, to push away the urge to classify concepts into the ‘known’ for the purpose of simplification. Our creative motto is all about injecting freshness into your thinking and keeping the momentum going after you developed your new ideas to transform them into real products. This requires a use of techniques that push us to challenge our assumptions and make connections with seemingly random concepts and different fields. Creativity tactics serve as a stimulus that enables us to see our challenge from a new perspective.

Brainstorming and ideation without applied creativity rarely lead to new solutions. Dozens of creativity-building techniques have been utilized by innovators, from SCAMPER to Six Thinking Hats. We’ve experimented with and tested many and will show you the most effective ones that are guaranteed to jump-start your creative thinking.


Innovation has been very tactical. As much as it helps you address the issue at hand, it doesn't address your entire macro system. We believe your company strategy should be driven by strategic innovation, which is why we fuse business and creativity to make you an innovation company.

If you can’t see it, how can you make it better? Innovation needs “re-framing” as a prerequisite. At InsightsGen we create (“frame”) new approaches to problem situations. The creation of new “frames” to problem situations is the foundation of transformation, and our unique, sophisticated multilayer methods for creating new frames, guarantee leaps, not steps, reimagined versus improved, and uncharted versus over-planned.

More coming soon...

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