Crowdsourcing a fad or a necessity?

Crowdsourcing management unifies human collaboration and advanced social networking software to focus on generating results faster and developing a culture of awareness, transparency, knowledge sharing, and innovation.

Ask the right question and get amazing answers and insights from people with unique perspectives.

Innovation has always required those with diverse skills and expertise to work together and co-create. Crowdsourcing platforms bring together global expertise of your employees and partners in an efficient and cost effective way. The right application of crowdsourcing platform helps to foster creative, innovative, and open environment where knowledge flows. Crowdsourcing platform and techniques will support your innovation efforts. It is often the easiest way to make the first step in bringing innovation into your company.

What can you expect once you establish your crowdsouring practice (technology and process)?

  • You will conveniently capture thoughts and ideas in a single place for discussions, voting, and follow up actions

  • By expanding your innovation reach, you will capture more ideas

  • Quickly and effectively align all your employees and customers to formulate the right questions, collaborate on problem solving and drive critical change

  • Diverse skills of the contributors paired with organic way of growing, collaborating, and evaluating ideas will help you quickly identify the most promising one

  • Better exposure and availability of the knowledge will help your employees get exposed to the business outside of their physical boundaries

  • You will be able to easily manage the ideas, assess them accordingly and maintain your innovation prototype portfolio effectively to later take the best ideas to the market

  • You will bring audiences, people that would otherwise not meet, together in a familiar social networking environment

  • Crowdsourcing will generate energizing and dynamic culture of trust, sharing, and fun

  • Personal satisfaction in the act of contribution brings ‘buy-in’ from participants and strengthens team and community spirit

  • Innovation needs to be measured. You will be able to demonstrate status and progress to all stakeholders.

Crowdsouring platforms enable the collaborative mechanism like no other technology. Give it a try to experience the benefits first hand.

Tip: Need requirements buy-in and transparency? How about soliciting your project use cases on a crowdsourcing platform?

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